Smoking means Dying! 

Smoking means Dying! 

Cigarettes. Oh, ring a bell? Cigarettes could hear often just like how you can see it often when you roam around public places. Cigarettes was so popular that it could even overlaps the popularity of the known celebrities. As it became popular and popular, as smokers smoking and smoking, cigarettes are killing and killing and killing and kills. 

If you go to a grocery store, you can see different brands of cigarettes. As you go on a sari-sari store there’s a high possibility that they are selling cigarettes. And if you ask sellers why, they will answer you in different form but same meaning answers. “Because it gives high sales.” That was true. Cigarettes are so marketable. Why? Because most of men population smokes. And… did I also mentioned that females too, smokes? Yes, people. It wasn’t actually that surprising already when you saw a girl who smokes. What’s surprising if a girl smokes when even a child smokes? Almost any type of people smokes. Even if you’re a child, a student, a worker, a mother, almost everyone.

Smoking is really getting out of hand. And it damage severely too. It has many bad effects. That includes: pneumonia, chronic diseases, bladder, hip fracture and many more. And if you think that’s all? You’re wrong in any way. Not only the smoker’s body can damage but also the one who inhales the smoke of the cigarette. And the damage for them are worse than a smoker could get! Because they inhale more smoke than a smoker could inhale. Also! And yes, there’s more. If a pregnant woman is smoking, it could also affect the baby’s health. So if you’re pregnant but you’re smoking? If you love your child, you better stop. I tell you. 

Smoking damage not just smoker’s body. It can also damage the life he/she is living. People may push him/her away because he/she is smoking. The smoker could also trigger a non-smoker to smoke too. It can damage not only a body but also one’s life. 

Smokers might say that smoking is just their stress-reliever that became a habit. A bad habit rather, I might say. Because having cigarette smoking as a stress reliever is a bullshit kind of idea. Stress reliever supposed to get rid of stress. But smoking cigarettes despite of smoker’s prepositions, is leading smokers and people around them to stress. And having stress, is like dying but having your body alive. 

Smoking cigarettes is not like what other think it is. Because cigarettes smoking si every bad thing. So a piece of advice to those who smokes: 

End cigarette smoking before it ends you.


The moment you light up a cigarette, you are saying that your life isn’t worth living. (credits) 


Cigarette is slowly but continously killing you. And killing, and killing and killing and kills! You, smoker, died! 


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