Sex Education: Yey or Ney? Which side are you okay? 

Sex Education: Yey or Ney? Which side are you okay? 

Sex Education. This two words actually looks contradicting. Sex but Education? When you take this literally, it would mean, teaching how to sex right? But sex education as it was proposed by the others, it aims to teach students to discuss information what they need to know: causes and effects, acts, and everything. Now, are you a ney or a yey if sex educatiom in schools will be approved? 

We can’t deny that cases of teenage pregnancy are very popular these days. Most people in this world have atleast one person thet know that get or a pregnant in her early age. Pregnant teengers not just suffers from early pregnancy but also if the person who get them pregnant will take a responsibility. Some of them will, some of them are huge cowards and will not. Also, pre-marital sex are so harmful. It can lead into different disease. Not just to harm you but also to destroy your life. And others who wants sex education be taught in schools, believed that the only way to stop those cases is to teach sex education. But ofcourse, people have different mindsets so the reactions of them are divided into two. 

Yey. These are the people who wants sex education be taught in schools. Becauae they believed that, teach it is the only way to stop various cases of early pregnancy ad HIV and AIDS any many more. They want the teens or maybe even childs to be knowledgeable enough and will not engage theirselves in various cases involving into sex that will harm them such as engaging into pre-marital sex. And in order to be knowledgeable enough? Teach sex education in schools! That was the belief of the other people. 

And ofcourse there are also people who don’t want sex education be taught in schools. They are into Ney. They are the ones who believed that sex education will not lessen the cases but will just worsen it. Because if it will be teach in schools, there is a chance that childs or teens will be curious and will try engaging to sex. And also, will not take it seriously. Instead of teaching it in schools, they believed that it should be teach in their home; by their parents, their guardians. There’s a huge chance that they will listen to them more. 

And that was the reaction of the public. Either be a yey or ney, they have different stands and just aiming for good things: lessen the cases of early pregnancy, HIV and AIDS. And if sex education be really taught in schools then government should have to do it right and we, the people, in every little things possible. And if, something isn’t right then we need to look for something to get it right. But for now, let’s just help each other to teach the childs or teens or people who are not knowledgeable enough about sex and letting them realize that sex is quite a dangerous thing and should have done only by married couples with each other’s consent. 


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