Nae or Nah? 

Nae or Nah? 

안녕! 잘지냈어요? 사랑해요! (Hi! How are you? I love you!) These Korean words or phrases might be familiar to you because you can hear or see it often. And that was the effect of Kpop and Kdramas of South Korea which is so popular right now. And spreading of it is quite uncontrollable. And recently, they released a memorandum which states that Korean Languange will be teach on public schools. Nae or Nah?

Last June 21, DepEd Secretay Leonor Briones and Korean Ambassador Kim Jae Shin, together with the other officials, signed a memorandum of agreement which states that Korean Language  will be able to learn by the students of public schools. They expected those student to learn and develop their skills in reading, writing and listening the new language. And according to the Embassy, this program aims for student to have a better respond for educational and employments skills abroad.

And after the news was released, reactions of the public was divided into two.

Nae (Yes). Filipinos who reacts Nae was the type of people who has family abroad and planning to migrate there. Filipinos who wants to engage theirselves into professions which is related to tourism. And mostly of those Filipinos who have Korean Idols. Of course, why wouldn’t they? If they will learn the language then they don’t need to wait for subtitles just for them to understand their oppa’s or eonni’s! It was less hassle on them!

But of course, some aren’t agree with that memorandum. They were mad of why should it be taught when infact, our own language, our mother tounge, which is the Filipino says Hi! And the lack of knowledge in our own language is getting out of hand. Some of them, don’t evem know the differece between “nang” and “ng.” And some also, don’t use it appropriately. There were “us2 ko na mhamahtaii,” “gigil mo si acqoe,” and sometimes they replaced letter “k” with the “q.” So sad isn’t it? The language is ours but we don’t even know it. Or we know about it well but we didn’t use it the way it was supposed to be use. And oh, we know and memorized the Hangul but hey, do you even know what Baybayin is? Do you even know how to write it? I bet you can’t.

And also the English. Some Filipinos lack skills on that. So why can’t just it be Filipino and English rather than Korean?

And that was the reactions of the public. They were happy about it and some are mad.

But whatever your reaction is, whether you’re Nae or Nah, you should always respect each other’s opinion. And if you ask me if I am in Nae or Nah, well I’m more on Nah. I maybe one of those million fangirls of Kpop and Korean Dramas, I maybe a die-hard fan of those oppas, I maybe love them those idols but I love my language more. I love my country more. Yes, I’m agree of Philippines to be multilingual but if that means to be the fall of the Filipino language then, let’s just be monolingual or bilingual because of our country’s language forever! Besides, our very own National Hero Jose Rizal have said that,

While the people preserves its language, it preserves the marks of liberty.

Our Today’s Reality

Our Today’s Reality

Extrajudicial killings, usage of the drugs which was strictly prohibited in our country, massacres, poverty, corruption, crimes and the newest, the war. And when the news flash on the television, you’ll see the faces of the people who faced oppression and helplessly begging for help.

Let’s talk first about extrajudicial killing which happen here and there, and almost everywhere! Extrajudicial execution is killing of people who are said to be drug lords and pushers. And mind of the word “said” everyone. This means, with or without evidence. Some says, it’s for the country, for what we all wished and wishing, for the peace. But, have you ever imagined yourself being killed without you even have the rights to justify that you’re innocent?!

Come to think of it, guys. Let’s just dig a little deeper than how we usually think. The issue of drugs. May people are addicted to it, even teenagers! It was like drug also means addicting in dictionary. To the point that users even say that when you take or using it, they feel like they’re in heaven. Well, atleast, at first. But then, it goes otherwise. It’s not you who are taking it anymore, but it is now drugs that takes you. You are being addicted! You use it often, it uses you slowly. Then you, being unaware, commit crimes! That’s how it goes! 

Moving on, let’s go to the massacres. Which also have one of the newest news. Have ever heard the family who got killed in Bulacan? It was like doing different crime into one crime. Why? Because this massacre involved too much crime. From robbery, murder, and even rape! Going out to the massacre of the family issue, those crimes I have mentioned (rape, muder and robbery) the one who is involved and suspects were people we believe that the hope of our nation, and yes, teenagers!

Poverty, yes you’ve read it right. The children loitering in the streets begging for some coins which they say it’s for their food, teenager who is out of school youth that may even lead to teenage pregnacy, are some of the cases of poverty. In connection to this, the corruption in government. Billions of fund which should be intended for people are being corrupted by the officials we whom give trust and are votes on! And most of the time, it always went out like that!

And lastly, the war in Mindanao which was caused by Maute’s. Many peoples are killed. Many establishments are destroyed. The whole country is affected.

So many problems, and our country is experiencing all of these. But there’s one root of all these, the society’s cancer, the never-ending “Lack of Education.” Many people who was involved in those oppressed acts are lack of education. We are in a third-world country, or which they say, “developing country.” We’re trying to get up at the mud we’re stuck at. But then, we couldn’t. Why? Because aside from the problem of the lack of education, we are sellfish. We act one by one, that should be as one! We are Filipinos, living in Philippines, so we should do our very own, “bayanihan!”

On the other hand, I believe it’s not too late. We can do a change, not immediately but we will, definitely! By a process! Hand in hand, let’s all wake up to the reality where we are in, stop dreaming into some fantasies, it won’t get you something to eat! And by doing that, let’s make a change! For the better! It will become easier because we’re doing it as one and hand in hand. So let’s do it friend, because it is not yet too late. Not yet!

Extrajudicial killings, usage of the drugs which was strictly prohibited in our country, massacres, poverty, corruption, crimes and the newest, the war. The faces of oppression faced by people who are helplessly begging for help. “The country without miracles, tries to get up from the page. But the bold ink and sharp colors hold it down.” So we should try, to get up with bold ink and sharp colors, with intelligence and wisdom, hand-in-hand, heads up, “WE ARE FILIPINOS!”